Tony Norris, Arizona Musician and Storyteller

In "A Letter from Home," Tony Norris brings the wildness of the old west into our tame and pallid lives. With a voice as velvety as a new colt's nose, he sings and story tells his way across a forgotten landscape, bringing a fresh breath of sage swept wind into our work-a-day worlds and daily commutes.

— Mimi Altree, author, the Cowboy Way, Longstreet Press. 2002


Tony Norris
9475 Doney Park Ln
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

T 928.526.6684

Tony Norris, Arizona Folklorist and Entertainer

Tony Norris weaves together story and song to perform for any occasion.

Singer & Storyteller

A Letter From Home is a audio cd magazine produced by famlyfolk productions. The series includes Up the Trail, Down the Holler, Around the Fire and Along the Brazos. Also available here is Overland and Waterways, a joint project with Sid Hausman.

If you enjoy the musicians listed you will enjoy listening to Tony's CDs. Such musicians include: Garrison Keillor, Utah Phillips, Ian Tyson, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Tom Paxton, Carter family, John Prine, Baxter Black, Tom Russell, Jimmie Rogers, Tom Rush, Don Edwards, Pat Richardson, Red Steagall, Doc Stoval, Curley Musgrave.

All Cds can be purchased here by simply clicking on either the cd artwork or read more.

A Letter from Home, Up the Trail

Tony weaves together traditional and contemporary songs and cowboy poetry with fascinating anecdotes and humorous insights into the life of the working cowboy, and the old-time trail drive. Read more

plus 2.99 S/H

A Letter from Home, Down in the Holler

Virtuoso old-time musicians Bill Burke and Fred Coon join Tony in an informal concert focusing on the culture and characters of Appalachia. Read More

$15.00 plus 2.99 S/H

A Letter from Home, Around the Fire

Tony partners with dynamic Arizona storyteller, Dennis Freeman, and world-renowned ethnobiologist and author, Gary Paul Nabhan, to treat the whole family to stories and songs...Read More

$15.00 plus 2.99 S/H

A Letter from Home, Along the Brazos

In this edition, excerpts of family journals are punctuated by favorite songs, signature stories such as “Next Youngest, Best Looking” and Tony’s short story, “Daddy Shot Cars.”. Read More

$15.00 plus 2.99 S/H

Overland & Waterways

Tony teams up with New Mexico songwriter, folk historian, and musician, Sid Hausman for a musical tour along the trails and waterways of the old West.
Read more

plus 2.99 S/H


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