Tony Norris, Camp Fire Entertainer

“ He’s one part favorite uncle, one part history teacher, and one part camp storyteller. He captures the essence of life and his performances are mesmerizing.”

— Darcy Falk, fabric artist and founder, Flagstaff Children’s Museum


Tony Norris
9475 Doney Park Ln
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

T 928.526.6684

Tony Norris, Western Entertainer

Tony Norris weaves together story and song to perform for any occasion.

Singer & Storyteller


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Tony Norris, Flagstaff MusicianTony Norris, Flagstaff Singer & StorytellerTony Norris, Folk SingerTony Norris, Cowboy Poet

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Tony has a voice that sings like a real live river telling stories wherever it goes — gently like a ripple, or rowdy like a rapid — and always from his generous, forgiving heart.

— Katie Lee, singer, author, 10,000 Goddam Cattle, All My Rivers are Gone, Sandstone Seduction

His performances have been the highlight of the evening. Mr Norris has a unique ability to both teach and entertain at the same time. He is able to enthrall 120 ten-year-olds for forty-five minutes at the end of a very long evening. The children just love his stories and songs.

— Joe Lynch, teacher, Knoles School, Flagstaff, Az

“Tony offers up stories, poems, historical accounts, tall tales, and songs in a tantalizing blend of education and entertainment. It holds my interest in a way that a presentation of any one form can’t match. If you close your eyes while listening to Tony’s account of the prized camp cook, you can hear the clanging of the old dutch oven, smell the cook fire, and taste the beans, beefsteak, and biscuits, along with the occasional pie or cobbler. With sure strokes, he places each song or poem into historical context.”

— Phil Heikkinen, Director, Show Low Public Library

“Tony’s storytelling is folksy, droll, and comfortable. He has a warm voice and a repertoire packed with unusual, great songs about people of the West. In short, Tony is one of the best folk entertainers Arizona can offer.”

— Warren Miller, Curator of Education, Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott, AZ; author, Cattle, Horses Sky, and Grass

In "A Letter from Home," Tony Norris brings the wildness of the old west into our tame and pallid lives. With a voice as velvety as a new colt's nose, he sings and story tells his way across a forgotten landscape, bringing a fresh breath of sage swept wind into our work-a-day worlds and daily commutes.

— Mimi Altree, author, the Cowboy Way, Longstreet Press. 2002

“Tony Norris grew up in a time and in a place when people knew how to drill a well, tend a flock of chickens, and put a little bit of summer in a jar. Along the Brazos reminds us of those days. It flows out of Tony and into our ears like that sweet old Texas stream rolling under a bridge at twilight. This one is truly his ‘Letter From Home.’”

—Rose Houk, author, Heart's Home: Lyndon B. Johnson's Hill Country and Exploring the Smokies


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