Oh that autumn light....

A few light frosts have nibbled at the edges of Sue's garden but the half acre of coyote gourd is still untouched. It's grey-green pyramid shaped leaves, each as rough as a shark's skin, wave in the cool breeze. When the hard freeze lays them low it will reveal hundreds of hardball sized fruits fast losing their tiger stripes of green and fading to a soft straw color. Sue is canning tomatillo sauce, apple sauce and dill pickles.

  I've been learning how to live stream on Facebook and I almost have a handle on the tech side of things. After a performance drought of several years it's gratifying to connect with an audience again. My irregular slots on Desert Southwest Open Mike have been fun. Check them out to hear performers from all over the country. Sun Sounds, the radio service for the blind has asked me to do a monthly one hour program on Cowboy music and stories. When I get lined out I'll tell you how you can listen in. I am planning a Halloween show for the whole family with original songs and scary stories to be live streamed.

I hope you're able to get out and enjoy the crisp fragrant weather.