Tony Norris

Storyteller, Folk Singer & Cowboy Historian of the Southwest 

If Garrison Keillor were raised on cornbread and beans… 

No western entertainer does it all with the warmth and wit of Tony Norris. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, he is a regular at storytelling festivals, cowboy poetry gatherings, schools, campfires, and corporate conferences. Young and old alike are captivated by his homespun charm and rich tenor voice. With the accompaniment of his big Martin guitar and healthy doses of humor, he invites the adventurous spirit in each of us to leave the everyday world behind and journey into the old West. Performing solo or in an ensemble, his concerts are for those who want to hear the old songs, learn about the West, relax and have a good time. 

As folklorist, Tony brings to life the Appalachian, cowboy, and indigenous cultures of the Southwest on radio and in college settings, and conducts workshops in storytelling for adults.

In addition, he produces CD packages for those who want to preserve their personal memoirs and/or family histories. He can create CD masters from existing recordings or will interview and record informants in a location of their choice. 

What it can mean to loved ones— 

I had forgotten some of my Mom's stories about her life, the family, and me. While listening to the conversations with my Mom, I was so happy and grateful that I had recorded my Mom's history. Now, I can listen to the stories any time and feel the love my Mom and I have for each other. Tony has given me a wonderful gift. Through his art he has created an amazing keepsake for me. I am going to share the laughter, tears, joy and love with my whole family. I know they will enjoy "Vicky Preston :Conversations." Tony thank you so-so-so much for helping me in my greiving process. I will cherish the CD and share it with my children someday. Hopefully they will see and hear what a wonderful Grandma they have on the “other side”. — Niccie Preston 

Folklorist Tony Norris of famlyfolk studio will interview and record you or your loved one at a location of your choice or using recordings, music, or photos you already have, he will edit the recordings and produce a master ready for duplication additional services can include photography, creating graphics and duplication.


For more information please email: or 928.526.6684

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