Monsoon Unfolding

  It's the first week of August and the monsoon has been flirting with my dusty pines for a couple of weeks- the big fat drops exploding in the the needles a hundred feet up and falling as a fine mist on my face. The smell is intoxicating . The full moon rose last night over the cinder hills to the East. It was plump and a rich butter yellow and it climbed into the sky like a hot air balloon with places to go. Just a hundred and forty miles South the temperature soared to 113 degrees. I'm not going to complain about 93 degrees in Flagstaff.

 I'm learning the ropes to stream performances online. I've had some good coaching and I have the basic tech tools to pull it off. I invite you to tune me in on Thursday when I kick off the evening of music with Desert Southwest Open Mike. [link here] Be sure to say hi if you tune me in. If you miss the live stream you can watch the archived performance later. I'm experimenting with monetizing my shows by posting a donate button for Pay Pal and Venmo. Please fell free to make a modest [or ridiculously generous] tip."Feed the hungry musician".

Let's stay in touch.


Tony Norris

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